Peach Sherbet

Finally, I got a new hairdo today. I've had variations of the same cut for almost 2 years nows with different tones of dark blonde. It's so refreshing and inspiring to have a new hairstyle to play with. I love how a new haircut and fresh colour can drastically change the way you want to dress and express your style. I have visions of a more anime me....

Here I'm wearing my fave ASOS buy. It's an incredibly soft furry cropped jumper. When I wear this I leave a trace of furry fibres behind. I'm pairing it with new loafers which I've been wearing almost everyday. I'm not usually a closed-in shoe kinda gal, but since its pretty chilly in Brisbane these days, I'd better get used to it! 

My hairstyle was inspired by the latest Chanel runway show. At work, we've been trying out different shades of pastel hair. Love love love! I'm thinking, maybe a rosey pink next? 


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