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I've been eating pretty well lately. My friends and I have been spending a lot of time together over lots of delicious food. For the Anzac Day holiday three weeks ago, we had a big food afternoon. All of us brought some home made food and shared it with each other, it was such a yummy satisfying day. I made chicken Gyozas and brought the Alfajores I made the day before. Anna made a cous cous salad with fennel, pommegranite, roast chickpeas, spring onions and lots of other goodies. She also made an AMAZING fig and orange tart with a mix of cream cheese, mild goats cheese, honey and crushed almond on top. It was the most incredible tart I've ever tasted. The cheese mixture was so fragrant I had to finish my lunch quickly so I could have a taste of it. Everyone kept going in for seconds and thirds.

Fifi is so cute!!

Nicola had been telling us about this beautiful snapper ceviche that Stephen had made for her and her friends for dinner one night.I asked Nicola to persuade Stephen into making it for our food day as well. It's pretty weird how the fish somehow becomes cooked without the use of any heat, but with the juice of half a dozen limes. Nicola, our Cheese Lady, put together a great selection of cheeses - a firm brie, smoked cheddar, blue brie, manchego and walnut cheddar. We had the delicious spicy ceviche and cheese to finish our meals. I can't believe we actually finished all of the cheese!

Two sundays ago we went to The Red Robin Supper Club. This is a pop up restaurant that can appear anytime, anywhere around Brisbane. This time it was at Moray St Cafe in New Farm. Unfortunately, because of our late sitting, we missed out on the croquettes and cheese course. Nicola and I were very disappointed. We had plenty of other scrumptious dishes though, including sticky chicken wings, beef or haloumi tacos with kimchi and burnt eschallot sour cream and pulled pork shoulder. If you want to join in on the pop up fun add The Red Robin Supper Club on Facebook to keep updated.

Yesterday Pham took me to Vintage Kitchen and Vintage Closet to cheer me up from being unwell and stressed out lately. It's a cafe that sells lots of vintage clothing, jewelry and furniture. Its a very cute and warm setting and the food is no fuss, tasty, good food. The highlight was definitely the Oreo milkshake Pham ordered. MmmMmMMmmm...

The wallpaper was made from real comic book pages, so cool!

Oh and Happy 100th Post!


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