Bold Lines

It's been about 3 years or so since I had first spotted a picture of an elastic harness on the  internet. I knew straight away it would be easy to figure out how to construct it myself, but as usual it has taken me a long, long time to actually come around to making it. Two weekends ago, I actually had a reason to have something like this to wear. My friends and I were going to try out this party mysteriously named 'Skank'. Seeing as I have a life motto to try everything most things once, I had to go dressing accordingly. Anna and I spent weeks discussing 'skanky' outfits the weren't going to be too de-moralising. Ahhh... what fun we had! In the end it seemed fit to have some sort of harness so we could go with the bondage theme. Aren't we classy ladies? It only cost me $10 and one afternoon to make it. It was actually surprisingly easy. I love the way it turned out, absolutely perfect! On the night, I looked slightly dominatrix and fit right into the theme. I paired it with American Apparel black disco pants, a black bandeau, deep purple platform heels and a cream faux fur coat. Definately skanky! The party was sooo much fun, we met lots of interesting people who love a good party as much as we do. We took many hilarious snapshots, but they're for our eyes only. Here I've worn the harness in a much more publicly acceptable way. The black against the white background make the lines so striking. I'm wearing an adorable pair of earrings Anna bought for me from Sunday Social. She always has the best eye for unique designs. I'm excited to create new outfits with my harness, I'm looking forward to trying out different textures and proportions. If you're digging this harness, please keep your eye out for the DIY coming soon!


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