Sydney Photo Diary Part IV (Zoo Day)

On Wednesday we took a trip to Taronga Zoo. I have a thing with going to a zoo everytime we visit a different city. I just love animals and find them so fascinating. Before we did that, we stopped by Zen Garage, somewhere that Pham was eager to visit during our trip. It is a place for motor enthusiasts to socialise and chill out. It's a revamped warehouse tucked away in Leichhardt. I liked how they kept the industrial ceiling beams and kept the decor quite minimal. They had some pretty cool pictures hanging on the wall and some soothing tunes to help you unwind. Although it's not my type of thing, I could appreciate the concept.

I found a minion!

We made a quick stop by The Fabric Store in Surry Hills. I visited one of their stores when I was in Melbourne and I was blown away by their selection of fabrics at an affordable price. They've recently opened a store back home, so I'll have to make a mental note to go and visit some time. I bought the most beautiful cream suede hide which I intend on making into a leather crop top. I'm so excited to show you guys!

So then off we went to the zoo, dressed in my best khakis. Taronga Zoo is really big and spread out over the hills in Mosman, overlooking the harbour. Its really quite a breathtaking scene. We were lucky that it was lovely warm weather all day as it was forecasted to rain. I was really intrigued by the snakes vivid colours and patterns. It's funny how something that's usually frightening can become beautiful when its separated by glass. The highlight of my day was watching three baby elephants swim and play with each other in the water and seeing the gorillas and their resemblance to us humans.
Passed out

So adorable!
Incredible view

Like a baaawwwsss

On the way home we experienced the traffic that we always hear about, but have never had to endure through. It took us about 2 hours to get home, it was crazy! My bum was pretty sore afterwards. We met up with a highschool friend for dinner and he took us to a local Thai and Laos restaurant called Holy Basil for dessert. They're famous for their deep fried icecream. I was pretty impressed by it, as I always found deep fried icecream quite unappealing. I had always known it to have a thick soggy batter with melted cheap icecream inside. This one was totally different. It was a slab of light vanilla icecream wrapped in the thinnest filo pastry which was fried to a lovely crisp coating. It was then topped with icing sugar and toasted coconut with raisins. Oh it was soooo good! It's totally changed my mind about deep fried icecream.
Holy goodness!


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