Sydney Photo Diary Part III (Becasse)

So here is the delicious 7 course degustation we had at Becasse. The restaurant is located on the 5th level of the Westfield shopping centre on Pitt St. It was a bit strange walking into a shopping centre for fine dining, but walking through the enchanting leafy entrance soon made you forget about that. The maitre d' took us through a corridor with mirrors on both sides and leaves winding around the ceiling. Soon you come into the main dining room which is very French styled and delicate with dimmed lighting and crystal chandelier features. It was a beautifully styled room and wasn't too over the top. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. I was very impressed at how they knew every single ingredient and the way it was used in the dishes. The sommelier (wine waiter) helped us pick a lovely earthy French white, it's a shame I didn't note down what it was because I'd love to have it again. 

We started the meal with little 'snacks' of tapioca crisps, sourbise mousseline, fried bread, cured lardo and seared swordfish. They also gave us a plate of Becasse artisan bread with sesame whipped butter to enjoy throughout the meal. And then our first dish came...

Whipped butter with black sesame and olive oil
Local radish, melon, oloroso and green zebra gazpacho
Chilled ocean consomme, Pacific oyster, scallop and octopus
This was an extra dish the chef decided to send out last night. It was similar to
a potato rosti, but had a light smoky flavour. On top are fried potato skins which
were deliciously caramelised on the outside.

Spanner crab, chamomile, young coconut and crab jelly
Flame grilled mussels, caramelised calves sweetbread, duck proscuitto and koh rabi.
This was wrapped in an amazing duck jelly which I LOVED, but Pham wasn't into.
Slow roasted pork, endive, olive, fennel and lemon myrtle. This was the main
that I chose. The crackling was incredible! And it worked well with the sauce
which had a hint of honey sweetness to it.
Slow cooked lamb shoulder, pine smoked summer heirlooms, cardamom jus.
This was Pham's main dish. He said it was 'some tasty lamb!' haha.

Autumn still life.
OMG, this was the most heavenly dessert I've ever tasted. I don't remember
what was in the icecream, but there was a burnt butter toffee on the base and
a buttery biscuit crumble scattered on top. I'm drooling just thinking about it
Green and red grape sorbet.
Because Pham is lactose intolerant, they substituted the super dairy Autumn life
desert with this fresh fruity sorbet. They also scattered candied celery on top.
69% Alto beni Zokoko chocolate cadeau, dulce de leche, peanut and milk
This was the dessert I chose out of the two options. By this point I was pretty
damn full so I didn't enjoy it was much as I should've. Although it was a little
too sweet for me, I did think that dulce de leche was pretty yummy.

Again, because of Phams lactose intolerence, he couldn't enjoy any of the desserts on the menu.
He had a plate of fresh, poached, caramelised peaches, blueberries, pears and fruit
jellies. Even though he would've liked a sweet indulgent dessert, he liked the lightness of his
to balance out the big meal.
Petit fours
Our little gifts of raisin bread for breakfast the next morning.
We had a wonderful dinner at Becasse. Pham felt very special that they accomodated to his needs. Being his first degustation it was a little overwhelming for him at first, but he came around to it in the end and said he liked the experience. For me, the highlights were the flame grilled mussels, roasted pork and the autumn still life. Pham found the chilled ocean consomme a little bizarre, he said it tasted like a mouthful of ocean, haha. I would've liked to try the other dessert which was Verbena creme caramel, golden peach, blueberry and lemon balm. Since the autumn still life was so creamy and rich, it think it would've been better to balance it with something a little bit more acidic and fruity. The service was fantastic and the atmosphere was sophisticated, but relaxed which was what I was looking for. I loved that we took away raisin toast for breakfast, which is a sweet reminder of the incredible meal we had the night before.


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