Sydney Photo Diary Part II

What a cultural day we've had! Yesterday we visited both the Powerhouse Museum and the Australian Museum. I was super excited to go to the Powerhouse Museum because the Harry Potter exhibition was on. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any photos to share with you guys, but if the exhibition is ever around your area and you are a Harry Potter fan as well I highly recommend you see it. I was blown away by the fine detail all the costumes and props entailed. It made me realise why movies were so expensive to make (espescially fantasy ones like these) because nearly every single prop has to be custom made and needs to be consistent throughout the film. At the Australian Museum they had an exhibition on the life and extintion of Dinosaurs. It was pretty interesting and I certainly learnt a lot of new things about them. They had other permanent exhibitions on as well, but the ones that caught my eye were the ones with different eye catching minerals and collections of butterflies and moths. I'm like a magpie, anything shiny or colourful always catches my attention. While looking at the minerals I kept thinking about how they would look great as jewels on accessories. I certainly was inspired by the butterfly's vivid contrasting colours and patterns and its symmetry. Definately something I will look at again when playing around with prints and paints next time.

Flying Ford Anglia!
Being a tourist

Opalised dinosaur skeleton


Wouldn't they look great as pendants?
Or rings?
And on to the food.... Well we spoilt ourselves a little yesterday. We had booked ourselves in for a 7 course degustation at Becasse. After reading many rave reviews we decided this was the special we'd treat ourselves to for this holiday. Knowing that we were due for a big dinner we decided to eat as light as possible during the day. For lunch we tried Miss Chu on Bourke St. This is a chain of 'tuckshops' which specialise in Vietnamese catering. Although the prices were 2 to 3 times higher than the suburbs, it was still a delicious healthy and relatively cheap meal. Next time, I'll remember to ask for no corriander in my rice paper rolls though.

Tiger prawn and green mango rice paper rolls and traditional Peking duck

The last picture is of the Hanoi pork belly stew with wild rice, quinoa and greens and a soft boiled deep fried egg. That was the high absolutely delicious, I would definately order it again. I'll put the Becasse photos up as a separate post so this one isn't too image heavy. Stay tuned, the food was beautiful!


scott davidson | 8 October 2012 at 05:14

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