Sydney Photo Diary Part I

Its been a while hasn't it? I'm currently on holidays in Sydney, so for the last two weeks I've been frantically organising things around the time I'm away so I can have a care-free holiday. Since it's been about six months since I've had any time away from work and about a year since I've been interstate, I'm really enjoying myself. I arrived on Friday night and went to the Future Music festival on Saturday with my dear high school friend Joe. There aren't any photos on the day because we were having too much of a good time to remember to take any. Plus, the sun, sweat, mud and spilt drinks on us wouldn't have looked good in photos. On Sunday I spent the day with Anna, who flew down from Brisbane as well to see her family. We spent most of the day in Newtown for the fabulous food and drinks and went for a bit of shopping in Surry Hills. I can always trust that being with Anna means we'll find yummy food and drinks and awesome clothes. I can't wait to do some outfit posts with my cute new additions to my wardrobe. Today Pham and I wandered around the streets of Bondi eating until we were about to burst at the seams. This is my first time to Australia's most iconic beach and it was actually a lot smaller than I had expected. It was a shame it was raining in the morning and a little too cold to swim, but it was a beautiful place. Being a lover for water, there's nothing more relaxing for me than just sitting and listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and sand. My favourite part of today was doing a bit of exploring around the rocks and cliffs outlining Bondi Beach. I loved the colours and the intricate patterns on the rocks carved away from years of water, wind and salt erosion. I went camera crazy and captured so many interesting details that the pain from stepping on molluscs with barefeet is almost worth it.

Starting the holiday with a Bloody Mary
Cute decor at Madame Fling Flong's
Gorgonzola and pumpkin arancini and chargrilled corn with capsicum and tomato
butter... holy shit it was amazing!
Salmon nam tok - sashimi with kaffir lime, chilli, lime juice and mint
Thai papaya salad with black crab
Duck red curry
Salt and pepper squid

Salted caramel and forest berry macaron... MMMM...

Afternoon tea of proscuitto and chevre for me (I forgot the bread so it was
super rich) and sushi for Pham

Love this shot...
Pretty leaf pattern I had to keep a memory of... maybe will turn it into a print

Hurricane Ribs... messy, but tasty!

I guess you guys are asking.... how much can I person eat? Well apparently a lot and its 
pretty hard to move from the couch right now. As soon as I'm back in Brisbane I'll be yogaing and detoxing up a storm!


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