Valentine's Tuesday

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It seems like the world was split between two groups, the loved up romantic dreamers and the disgruntled singles who believed that any V'day gesture was unnecessary. I'm stuck somewhere in the middle. As much as I don't like all the roses and over the top gestures, I still like having a reason to celebrate... especially on my day off.
So the day started with breakfast at Lady Marmalade at Stones Corner. This breakfast cafe was opened by two contestants of last year's My Kitchen Rules. The decor is quirky and eclectic with a very warm local atmosphere. The tables and chairs which are all a little different from each other are mostly arranged outside in the cool breeze. Their all day breakfasts options include lots of fresh locally sourced produce done in a classic way. I love that there were many vegetarian options to choose from. Inside, their deli cabinet also offers a range of sandwiches, pies and desserts to choose from. I had the baked eggs with house beans and warm soldiers, while Pham had the brioche with herb butter roasted mushrooms and goats cheese. For drinks I had a Saigon (Vietnamese) iced coffee and Pham had an organic soda. I think what we both enjoyed about our little breakfast was that although we've had all these flavours before, we could taste the freshness in the produce and there's nothing better than a well cooked satisfying breakfast.
White Chocolate Raspberry Tart that Pham had. I don't like white chocolate so I didn't try any but he said it was delicious. I could've eaten the vanilla bean cream by itself.... :\
We spent the rest of the afternoon by first delivering my Valentine's Day Truffles to my lovely friends then searching for places to play with my camera. Which, by the way, I am in love with! I still haven't mastered the art of casually posing infront of the camera, it just feels so unnatural to me! I'll get there eventually. Later in the afternoon, Pham (who is a car enthusiast) took me to my first track day at Queensland Raceway. It was pretty exciting being allowed to go as fast as we wanted. Maybe one day when I conquer my fear of driving I'll be able to be behind the wheel on the track. But for now, I'm pretty content just being the squealing passenger. I mostly just enjoyed taking photos in the car as the other cars sped on by and I captured some pretty cool shots of the sunset.
Playsuit by ASOS, Necklace from Sabo Skirt, Platforms by Tony Bianco

To finish the night we had Thai at our favourite little Thai place in the Valley. When I came home, there were two little parcels waiting for me. Food, camera play time, spending time with friends, an adrenaline rush followed by more food and then the arrival of my Etsy orders... what more could I ask for on a Tuesday?


Visceral Maze | 20 April 2012 at 05:46

I really like your shoes. Are they comfortable? I have been thinking about those for work (I pretty much stand all day at work).

Wang's Factory | 2 May 2012 at 19:11

Thanks! They're pretty comfy as they're flat, but I was a little stumbly at first. I think they'd be pretty good heels to wear for long hours.

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