The PVC Skirt Part II

So remember that PVC skirt I talked about making way back in November? No? Well, I don't blame you. It was sooo long ago. It just shows how lazy I can get when it comes to creating something totally new and that not all designs become reality. Honestly, I think I was all sewn out from the Banana suit haha.

Anyway, I've had the PVC sitting on my couch for about 3 months now. It wasn't until the beginning of the week when I daydreaming about the outfit I want to wear for this weekend that I realised I didn't have the skirt I needed. Of course, there's nothing more to do than to make it.The biggest change I've made so far is turning the original circle skirt idea to a knife pleat skirt. The skirt still flares out a little on the sides to create an A-line shape. For some reason since I'd drawn that picture I could never quite visualise the skirt made from the PVC. I could never believe it would give the steady swing and twirl a circle skirt should give. The other major reason for the change was  due to the creases on the fabric from being folded and shipped for 3 weeks. Again, my laziness stopped me from shipping it back for an exchange.

Cutting out this fabric was a little easier than the leather where I had to be extra careful not to mark the hide. I came up with the great idea of using Blu Tac to stick my pattern pieces to the plastic side of the PVC. It worked a treat along with the bull dog clips to prevent the any double folded areas from slipping.

All my pattern pieces including the lining and waistband. Plus the metal zipper I ripped
out of an old skirt
If you are interested in how I created the pleats to this pattern, I've already done a tutorial on it here. Sewing the skirt together was the trickiest process for this skirt. Because the plastic does not stay folded on its on and I couldn't pin it, the pleats kept sliding into different positions. My tips are to sew slowly while grasping the pleats tightly in your fingers to hold them in place as they pass through the feed dog. Also, baby powder everything up! It makes your stitches so much neater and smoother as your machine won't stick to the plastic. I also did an exposed zipper for this skirt to add more detail to the grungey style. This was the most difficult part and I haven't figured out the correct technique yet. Once I do, I will post a tutorial about it.

Sewing with bull dog clips... it ain't easy
Overall, I am rather pleased with the outcome. It did turn out a little short due to the voluminous pleats that flare out. I'll just have to remember not to bend over at all! I'm glad I have chosen a very unusual material to make this interesting piece. This is going to be a difficult skirt to wear, due to fetish/skanky factor, but I believe that paired with the right top and accessories it will be a bit of a show stopper. I'll post my outfit later on in the week and let you guys be the judge :)

Back with the exposed zipper


Keekeekay | 10 June 2014 at 21:21

Hi, Can I just ask how you did the waistband for this please?
I'm starting some pvc projects of my own but am a bit of an amateur!

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