Going Bananas For Bananas

I've been working away like a busy little bee. I'm one of those people who always leaves things to the last minute. Fortunately, I'm also one of those people who work better under pressure... or so I keep telling myself. Our work Christmas party is on this weekend and every year we have a theme. This year the theme is Colour Blocking, which I'm actually quite pleased about. If you've been following my blog for a while, you might've noticed already I love colour and print because I usually wear black for work 5 days a week.

Pretty shimmery lemon silk dupion from Etsy
To save a few pennies and create more material to blog about, I decided to make my outfit again. One morning I woke up and decided I wanted yellow, I wanted a playsuit and I wanted bananas. Don't ask me why, but when I get stuck into an idea I just have to have it. After googling a few pictures I assured myself that bananas weren't TOO weird of an idea... I mean if Prada approves, then it's got to be cool right?

I wanted my bananas to be more abstract and more Pop Art like the Andy Warhol banana. The craft-wise Anna gave me a few tips on how to paint on fabric as I've never done it before. We both agreed it would be easier for me if I made a stencil and used a sponge roller to apply the paint. I cut the stencil on card first, but after a few applications it got too wet and fragile so I made a stencil out of some Transparency paper (which is actually plastic). Let me tell you, the process took a loooong time and it got pretty messy. I don't mind some of the smudges here and there on the fabric, I think it adds to the abstract, graffiti feel of the print.

Cutting out the stencil... very tedious

Make sure your roller evenly dampened or you'll get some bleeding

I added a little bunch-o-bananas print to fill in the gaps and did some highlighting
with white paint to add some dimension which I really like.
This is the second pair of shorts that I've drafted. This time I followed the instructions for the Cuffed Shorts on Weekend Designer instead of following my Pattern Drafting book. The instructions are fantastic and the first shorts were actually not a bad fit. I've figured out that pants are just one of those things that you've got to keep trying on and adjusting. I'm starting to understand how to correct pant patterns so there's no more crazy crotch. Yay! The second pair turned out perfect. Here's a tip - If your butt looks like its been glued together, the pattern needs more fabric allowance at the back seam. If you've got camel toe, take out some fabric allowance at the crotch seam. Very attractive choice of words...

I was up until 3 in the morning painting on these damn bananas! I got to the point where I started to hate them and thought it looked like a joke. Now that the pattern pieces are cut out and the banana print is broken up and less literal, I am warming up to the idea again. 

I've still got to sew it, line it, pad the bust, add elastic to the back, attach the zipper.... It seems that this is the most ambitious project yet. Check back soon to make sure I haven't gone crazy!


Katie | 7 December 2011 at 21:48

That print looks fantastic! I cant wait to see the finished product. I agree, the smudges (not that I can really see any!) add to the feel of the print, and I love the highlighting you painted in as well. Great job :)

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