Colourblock Rope Necklace Tutorial

Recently I've become obsessed with tribal accessories and bright colours. I made this necklace last week for my work's Christmas party. I couldn't believe how easy it turned out to be. It only took about 30 minutes to make it and the materials cost around $10. I definately feel inspired to make more.
You will need -
- 50cm of rope or cord
- different coloured embroidery thread
- tape measure
- sticky tape
- sewing pins
- 2 lengths of chain approx. 16cm long each
- 4 jump rings
- 1 lobster clasp
- embroidery needle
- pen marker
- long nose pliers

1. Tape together the two ends of rope with sticky tape.

2. Move the taped ends into the centre of the loop where your embroidery threads will cover it. Using your tape measure, decide on where you want your colour blocks to start and end then mark with your sewing pins. The pins will also keep the rope in a curved shape.

3. Tape around your desired colour block area to strengthen the necklace and keep the ropes in place.

4. Use your tape measure and mark out where you want each colour.

5. Using the embroidery thread, tie a knot around the start of the colour block. Move the thread ends into the colour block area where you can cover it. Start wrapping the coloured  thread evenly around the area keeping the tension quite tight. Wrap around the area until you've reached the thickness you've wanted.

6. When changing colours, tie the thread in a knot with the original thread end and cut it off, leaving a tail. Then tie the second coloured thread to the first coloured thread ends.

7. Continue wrapping the coloured threads until you've reached the last colour block. Tie the last coloured thread to the other thread ends then cut them short so they don't poke through the ends of the necklace. Continue wrapping the thread until the end of the colour block and then tie a knot around rope at the end.

8. Leave about 10cm at the end of the thread and thread it through the needle. Push the needle under the coloured threads and through the rope. Holding the thread tight, cut the end of the thread off near the necklace. By holding the thread tightly, the thread end should spring back into the rope once you cut it. Rearrange the threads to cover the hole or thread end.

9. Open the jump rings and pierce it through the top of the rope loop.

10. Connect the chain ends to each jump ring. To create the necklace opening, connect a jump ring to the open ends of the chains and then a lobster clasp to one ring.

Ta da! It would be fun to experiment with different colours, different lengths of colour blocks or different lengths of chains. Good luck :)


yojo | 19 December 2011 at 19:02

very nice!! pls keep the tutorials going, very inspiring!! I like this necklace--it's very Marni-esque but better!!

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