A Belated Merry Xmas

Here's a belated Merry Xmas to you all. Hope all of you guys had a great weekend and celebrated with lots of food, booze, presents and great family and friends. This year our family spent Christmas down at my auntie's house on the Gold Coast. I spent the weekend lazing around by the pool, drinking my new obsession - Rekorderlig cider. My 10  month old niece had her first swimming experience, it was sooo adorable! On boxing day, my older niece and I took my dogs to Dreamtime Beach to hang out with some other relaxed dog loving people. Ahhhh... I wish that every weekend went something like that. My work buddies and I are having our New Years celebrations in a house on an acreage in Montville. I'm reaaaally looking forward to it. Great chilled out company, lots of food and drinks, hot tubs, picnics on the grass, looking for the nearest swimming hole, attempting to make pavlova and drunk face painting... oh it's going to be fantastic. I'll keep you guys posted on our shenanigans. New creative posts will come after the New Year break. Wonderfully carefree getaways = wonderfully inspiring posts, I promise!



Visceral Maze | 20 April 2012 at 05:48

I always wanted to experience X-mas and New years celebrations in warm place to see how it feels. I lived in places with 4 seasons all my life.

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