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The guys at work have been raving about this place and its coffee for a while. I have been meaning to go for the last few weeks, but only finally got the chance to do it yesterday. Excited about finally having a relaxing day to myself, I put on an outfit with a little more thought than usual and headed over to Teneriffe with Pham. 

The store provides a great selection of local fresh produce, delicious coffee and simply yummy meals. The space is really open and the atmosphere is welcoming mix of casual, friendly and inspiring. There's so much variety of home made and organic spreads, honey, relishes, yoghurt, vinegars... the list goes on! I especially loved the coldroom which was filled with amazing looking cheese! I've made a mental note to go back to try something new all the time. I would also love to try some of their organic sausages too... It's really hard to leave empty handed.

For a quick bite to eat we ordered from the menu that was written on the tiled wall with a marker. I had a Buffalo mozzarella salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and toasted sourdough bread. Pham ordered the homemade Falafels topped with garlic yoghurt and served with toasted bread. For drinks, I had to order a coffee after the great things I've heard and Pham had a banana and mango smoothie. I think it was pretty obvious we enjoyed our meals because we pretty much licked the bowls clean. I loved how simple yet flavoursome my meal was from the great quality and freshness in the ingredients. Next time, I'm going to have to buy bread from there, because the sourdough was to dieeee for! Oh and my latte was like liquid gold, I could've easily had another 2 lattes! 

I left with a few little goodies. Some of which I will be using for the next few cooking posts. I bought some bush honey yoghurt, Chevre (goats cheese), a beautiful mango and Coconut and Goji Concious Chocolate.

Words can not explain how good the goats cheese is! Its soooo creamy and smooth and the flavour is mild and not too tangy. Oh, I'm going to have it slathered on some toasted bread for afternoon tea!

Anna got me into this chocolate. It's handmade, organic and vegan - can you believe it? And it actually tastes really really good. Its hard to explain the texture, but it tastes like dark chocolate and its not overly sweet. For those who've ever doubted vegan chocolate, you must give this a go. C'mon, how cute is the packaging....

In conclusion, my trip to Sourced Grocer today was a great experience :)


Phuong | 24 November 2011 at 07:52

i;m so hungry after seeing this post

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