The PVC Skirt Part 1

I started doing some fashion illustrations the other day like I used to when I went to fashion school. I realised that I miss the therapeutic feeling that mindless drawing and scribbling gives me. It is so nice to have some time out to let your ideas flow out of you and take the stress away. Add some wine and it's better than a therapist! By the end of the night I had this drawing of a new skirt idea and the general style and direction I wanted it to go... (Be kind, I haven't drawn in aaaages... Pham asked me why her thumb was so big, and the answer is - I'm not sure...)

Even though it's pretty much summer now, my brain is still thinking about clothes for cold weather. The last few days I've been fixated on making a PVC circle skirt. Now before everyone tries to tell me that PVC is trashy and disgusting, I have to say I think its about how you wear it. I made a dress last year with a PVC bustier and a shredded chiffon skirt and it turned out to be quite amazing without a scent of skankiness. So I believe as long as I pair this shiny skirt with more demure clothes and keep the hem at a modest length, it will actually be a cute, flirty skirt with a bit of a modern twist. Fingers crossed!

This is the PVC bustier dress from last years Xmas party.
Everyone's in black because the theme was 'Black Glamour'
When I had finally got into the mood of constructing the skirt, I'd finished making my pattern then I realised I didn't have enough fabric. Ah!!! The story of my life! So I'm currently scouring through Ebay and Etsy to hunt down PVC in a similar weight to mine. I'll let you know how it goes :)


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