Oh So Peachy

What a beautiful tree...

I've had this Camilla and Marc skirt for years and years and it always seems to brighten up my day. It's supposed to sit on the hips, but I've been wearing it pinned up around my waist lately. I absolutely adore the crepe paper like fabric. Everything from the peachy, tangeriney, coraly colour to the pleats to the floral patterned waistband makes me feel like skipping around when I put it on. Ahhh... isn't it wonderful to have pieces in your wardrobe that you fall in love with everytime you wear it? I don't usually wear bangles because they're so impractical when I work, but as I intended to have a well deserved day to myself on Tuesday I decided to dress up a little. I think it's almost time for another jewellry shopping trip.... From the last few posts, you guys can tell I'm loving the sunshine and warm weather right? Spring and summer is when I'm in my element!


.sabo skirt. | 24 November 2011 at 22:30

Cute and lovely outfit. You look great with it.:)

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Visceral Maze | 20 April 2012 at 05:58

I feel the same about bangles. I like them then it always gets on my way when I wear them to work or something. You are so brave to wear that top. I really like them, but I dont think I am brave enough to go for it :)

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