Pom Pom Necklace Tutorial

I might be the only one, but I think pom pom trims are just adorable! I recently ordered a bunch of them in different colours from Etsy. The reason for all of this is because I saw this post on honestywtf.com. The inspiration is from Nicole Akong's collection of brightly coloured tribal pom pom necklaces. 

Although I really liked the simplicity of the honestywtf version, I wanted to replicate the tribal feel that the original necklace had. So I decided to do two rows of pom poms instead and chose very contrasting colours. I've borrowed a few pictures from honestlywtf for the beginning of the tutorial because I forgot to take photos - oops!

You will need -
  • 70cm black rope
  • 80cm red rope
  • 20cm yellow pom pom trim
  • 22cm purple pom pom trim
  • 42cm gold cable chain, cut into 20cm & 22cm pieces
  • 2 bead caps
  • approx 55 gold jump rings
  • 1 gold lobster clasp
  • hot glue & hot glue gun
  • needle nose pliers
(note - Make sure your bead cap fits 2 ends of rope. The rope will also need to comfortably fit through the jump rings without being too loose. My jump rings were 12mm in diameter.)

Start by connecting a jump ring through the first link of the chain, then connect it onto the edge of the pom pom trim. Close the ring tightly. Make sure you match up the correct lengths of chain to the trim.

Continue doing this through the length of the chain and trim. Because its a cable chain, you will only need to connect a jump ring through every second link. Repeat this with the second set of chain and trim.

Tape the end of your ropes to stop them from unravelling and thread the ropes through all the jump rings. Make sure you match the longer rope to the longer chain.

When you pick up the rope the chain will naturally fall on top of the pom poms. Centre the chain and pom poms on the rope. Connect an extra jump ring at the end of each chain and pierce it through the rope to secure the chain in place.

Now lay down the two ropes, the shorter one above the longer piece and matching the ends of the chains together. Knot the longer rope around the other rope on each end.

If you have eye pins, you can use them instead of following the next step, I didn't have any so I fashioned something similar out of the jump rings. Straighten out 2 jump rings with your pliers and bend the tops over into a little eye. Place a jump ring into a bead cap. From inside the cap, bend the end of the ring over to stop it from slipping out.

 Line up the ropes and cut off any excess to ensure they're all even. Using a hot glue gun, place a good amount of glue inside the bead cap and push the ends of the rope inside.

Attach a jump ring through one eye and a lobster clasp onto the other and then you're done!

Now you have your very own pom pom tribal necklace! Yay!


Michelle's Style File | 26 October 2011 at 17:32

Fabulous DIY!!


Feb Store | 4 November 2011 at 05:18


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Visceral Maze | 20 April 2012 at 05:52

How long did it take you to make this? I like DYI posts a lot then I give myself excuse to not try it by saying it probably takes a long time.

p.s: let me know if you don't like blog links in your comments.


Wang's Factory | 2 May 2012 at 19:15

Hi Visceral Maze, the necklace took around 1hr to make. The hard part is getting all the bits and pieces together, but once you get started you just want to keep diy-ing! It's very addictive. I don't mind blog links at all. I love getting comments, keep them coming :)

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