Himalayan Cafe

Meat Momos!

Last Wednesday night I organised for a few of my work friends and I to get together for dinner. I chose to go to the Himalayan Cafe in New Farm because I've heard they have great vegetarian options and it'd be fun for everyone to have something a little different. When we arrived there the place was packed full of people and energy, but also pretty noisy. Anna mentioned that there is a back area where the tables are low set and everyone can sit on comfy cushions on the floor. I think we'll try getting a table back there next time because when I walked by I could actually hear people talking instead of just hearing lots of people trying to talk all over each other. I was surprised when I saw the menu as it was quite extensive and the prices were really cheap. There were lots of breads, soups, noodles and curries to choose from and most of the items had a vegetarian option. I loved that there were so many new and interesting flavours for me to explore. 

Himalayan Bread
Some sort of stuffed bread Joel ordered,
I think it had meat in it

Vegetarian Momo Soup
We ordered quite a few different items and shared them amongst each other. For the entree I chose the Momo soup which was a potato and chickpea dumpling soup. It was such a large serving I was pretty much full when I finished. We all ordered some Himalayan bread and garlic bread to share. It was fluffy and steaming, with a subtle sweet taste covered in gooey cheese. SO good! Nicola ordered some meat Momos that came with a spicy tomato chutney. Even though I didn't try some Nicola assured me that they were delicious.

Newa Organic Tofu
Goat Curry

Vegetarian Platter
Lamb Curry

For the mains, I ordered the Newa Organic Tofu, Joel and Nicola ordered a Lamb Curry, Jesse had the Goat Curry and Anna had a Vegtarian Platter. My tofu curry had a tomato base with sour cream, I really enjoyed it because it was creamy and flavoursome, but not sickingly rich. Nicola and Joel went through their curry pretty quickly which is a sign it was pretty good. Jesse had been wanting to try the goat curry for a while and after reading through online reviews it seems that it is one of the restaurant's signnature dish. Luckily it did not disappoint, Jesse said the meat was tender and juicy and didn't have an overpowering gamey taste. Unfortunately I can't remember much of Anna's dish, but I know it came with a few little bowls of different delights that work well with one another. I do remember trying some apple yoghurt curd which I would imagine as quite refreshing after having a hot curry.

Jesse with is goat curry, haha!
All in all we had a really wonderful night. After many bottles of wine, great food in a fun and buzzing atmosphere, lots of laughs and conversation, I think we've all decided another mid-week dinner date is a must.


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