The 50's/80's Dress - Completed

Last Saturday I finished my 50's/80's dress! To see the process of making the dress click here, here and here. It turned out super well and its probably one of my proudest projects. The dress fits me really well and I wore it out on Saturday night for birthday drinks and partying with my friends. The only slight problem is that the print is loud and it attracted a lot of attention that made me feel a wee little bit uncomfortable. Two bouncers told me 'You're colourful!' ... thanks? There really aren't many flattering photos of me from that night (that's what Gin does to you), so I can't show you how the dress looks on me. But I do plan to do a outfit post with it in very soon... I just like putting it on and spinning around!

Wore one of my fave heels with it
And these earrings Anna gave me that night
- aren't they cute?

Do you like my hidden pockets? I feel more confident about making more complicated pieces now. Especially because I know that the Pattern Cutting book's methods not only work, but they work uber well! And here's a little peek of the presents I received this year. As you get older, people stop giving you presents so I really appreciate all of them. Thanks Pham, Anna, Sarah, Lisa and me ;) ... yes I bought myself a little treat.

I can't stop smiling when I look at them. The colour is soooo awesome
Can never have enough earrings!
Present from moi
Having been 23 for 6 days now I've realised, it ain't so bad! Oh and check out what I'm working on next...

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