The Skirt Block

Just so that everyone is aware, I have been a busy little bee over the last few days. I have taken off a much needed 2 weeks from work and my only goal is to RELAX! Oh my, how I've been counting down to this. For me, there is not better way to relax than to sleep well, eat well and sew sew sew! I have been meaning to finish my block patterns which I started making here. Two days ago, I finally finished the skirt blocks and also did some lingerie blocks which I needed for my next project. I was even fancy enough to laminate most of them. Pretty pro right?

Now to make this not very exciting update post a little bit more interesting, here's some pretty jewelry I bought the other day... yay! Can't wait to play dress ups with them.

And here's my poor little pup after he got two teeth pulled out. He was so groggy and dazed out afterwards  :(

Its the fluffy one who had the teeth pulled out, the chihuahua's
just lazy haha
Next up, my new sewing project!


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