Lychee Martini Please!

On Wednesday night my friends and I went to a bar in West End called Lychee Lounge. Two of our friends were leaving for a holiday to Greece the next day so we decided to have some farewell drinks. I've been to Lychee Lounge a couple times and have thoroughly enjoyed myself everytime. They make delicious cocktails and the tapas aren't just your regular dips and toasted bread. We ordered some confit pork belly, crispy fried squid and marinated Victorian lamb cutlets to share. It was sooo tasty! 

Lychee Lounge is one of my favourite places, its got good food, good drinks and a great atmosphere. The crowd of people are fun and not pretentious. It's a place where I want to be spending more of my free time! People who are in Brisbane need to check it out -

Take 1

Take 2
One too many!
 P.S. Remember how I said I was trying out excercising outdoors with my friends? It turns out I actually like it and now I know leg muscles do not exist in my body. I went for a run on Wednesday and now, two days later I am still scared to bend my knees. Wish me luck guys!


Pham | 12 August 2011 at 23:19

appletini please! (easy on the tini)

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