Jam Jar

As I continue discovering new things in my lovely suburb of West end, I feel myself loving this place more and more. Finally, I think I've found a place that I feel completely comfortable in and has enough charm to keep me wanting to see more. One little gem that I was introduced to the other day was Jam Jar. Lovely Anna had been talking about this really cool restaurant she'd been to a little while ago. I had driven passed it for ages and the interior always intrigued me. So we went out on Friday night after a very stressful day of work and indulged ourselves to good food and good wine.

'I can't hear you...?'
As soon as I walked in I knew that we were going to have a great time. The place is only little, but it is so charismatic. When you enter you can see walls filled with art and atop an old piano are pretty vintage items.  As the friendly waiter takes us out to the back courtyard where the dining area is, it feels as though you're walking into your friend's quirky patio. There are both tables and booths to sit in and around you there's plenty of cool art on display. 

We ordered a bottle of Fox Gordon Princess Fiano to share, which was a nice change from the usual New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs that I always have. For entree's we went a little cheese crazy and had a polenta cake with goats cheese puree and beetroot salt, buffalo feta profiteroles with sesame crust and wild mushroom and buffalo mozzarella arancini. The profiteroles and arancini were absolutely to die for! Anything that oozes out cheese ticks all the boxes for me! For mains I had pan seared ocean trout with carrot and herb linguine and slow poached baby beetroot. The dish was so light and fresh and the flavours were well balanced. Anna had roasted vegetable crumble with butternut pumpkin, smoked tomatoes and crispy artichokes. I had a little taste of hers and it was really flavoursome and tasty, especially for a vegetarian dish. We had a wonderful night there and maybe enjoyed ourselves a little too much because I think our loud laughing started to annoy our neighbouring tables. Oops! If your craving a more interesting night, Jam Jar does Theatre Tuesdays and has a resident pianist busting out tunes at the bar on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm onwards. Check out their website for details.

Wonderfully cheesy

Vegetable Crumble

Pan-seared Ocean Trout

Our bill came in a little jam jar

My camera decided to spaz out, but I actually quite like these photos

Of course, it wouldnt have been a fantastic night if we didn't finish with a few cocktails at Lychee Lounge! I love trying out new cocktails everytime I'm there. And yes, I sure did have a hard time waking up for work on Saturday morning.... 

Should've known to stop drinking when my eyes started getting bloodshot....
Sorry for the dodgy looking photos. My camera takes especially crappy photos at night. I'm saving my pennies for fancy DSLR.


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