BOOM! OCC Lip Tars

Hush, NSFW, Anime, Divine
For those who don't know what OCC Lip Tars are already, they are super pigmented lip colours that go on as easily as a lipgloss, but have a beautiful rich smooth texture. They're talked about all over the make up forums and Youtube so my make up artist friend and I just had to get our hands on some. My newest make up obsession is bright opaque lip colour and these definately didn't disappoint me. I ordered the colours NSFW, Hush, Divine and Anime. When I first put these on I thought, 'Oh my god, this is FREAKING AMAZING!!' They're pretty much like a lip paint and its totally opaque. They glide on sooo easily and smoothly and it dries to a non-sticky balmy texture. The colours are exactly what you see in the tube and you only need the tiniest drop to fill in your lip - a little really goes a long way. You'll need to apply these with a lip brush because its a really liquid consistency which is its only con. I made quite a mess when I first played around with it because it slips around. I really can't wait to mix them together and make my own colours. I already have the rest of the colours on my Christmas wish list... (can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?)

Anime - its blindingly bright in real life

NSFW - a little tricky to apply

Hush - beautiful everyday nude lip

Divine - really opaque flamingo pink in real life
If you're interested you can purchase them from their site They ship internationally and mine arrived in Brisbane within 2 weeks. And the last thing I love about these? When you take off the brighter colours, they leave a beautiful lip stain like you've been licking a fruity ice block all day.


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