The 50's/80's Dress

As some of you guys may know, I went to Reverse Garbage a couple of weeks back and picked out a giant piece of 80's printed fabric for $10. The fabric is about 4m long in total so while I'm on a 2 week break from work at the moment, I thought I'd get started on using up some of the enormous amount of material. I've had my heart set on making a 50's style dress for a while. I always struggled with making a bustier without any instructions or patterns. So you can sense my joy when I found in my Pattern Cutting book, that there's a whole section on how to draft your own lingerie! Usually super girly and cutesy dresses just don't suit me, so I think pairing the feminine silhouette with a loud and fun print will give the dress a little more edge and bring it to the 21st century.

Drafting the pattern was pretty easy as I had already made all my block patterns earlier. I lowered the neckline of the entire bustier by about 2cm because I knew that the book was a little more conservative than I am. I made it out of some spare scrap fabric and to my surprise the front fit perfectly. The back was really loose on me and I had to cut off about 6cm in total off the back pattern piece. It makes life so much easier when things work out the first time, and now I can fashion the trial piece into a fun top. Win win!

Sewing, best done with a glass of wine

Before the back was fitted. Do you
guys like my super pink going-to-bed

After the back was fitted. Pretty good!

As for the skirt, I originally planned on doing a full gathered skirt. After some pondering, I decided that 1. I have done about a million gathered things 2. Gathering so high and full at the waist might make me look fat and 3. Pleats are so hot right now!

So pleats it is! I'm going to do the slash and spread method I learnt at TAFE years ago. I found this was the easiest and most logical way to do pleats. Watch this space for part 2, if you want to learn how to draft perfect pleats!


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