The 50's/80's Dress Part 2

I spent most of last night sewing up a storm with Project Runway playing on my laptop. It really got me into the mood to sew faster and be a perfectionist just like in the show, haha. Sewing all the pieces of my 50's/80's dress together was actually a lot easier than I thought. Because there are quite a few pieces to this dress, it requires a little bit of planning before starting. I usually think through the steps in my head and jot it down in my notebook so I can stay on track.

The pattern I drew up using the Pattern Cutting book turned out REALLY well - I am really pleased! The only thing that didn't turn out exactly as planned was that the back bodice pieces of the dress were a little smaller than the skirt pieces. Luckily I gave all the back pieces a big 2cm seam allowance. I always do this, just incase something goes wrong... phew!

I am absolutely stoked at how good the bustier looks, finally! I can make my own bustier. I  love this style in tops. I added fusible lining to the bustier pieces to give it a bit of stiffness and it worked out great. The pleats that I drew up look really flirty and cute. They didn't add a too much volume to my waist, but gave a cute A-line look at the hem of the skirt - I think I love it.

The lining for the top
All I have to do now is put in the invisible zip. I'm comtemplating putting in some lining in the skirt just to add a nice finish to the dress. I'll let you guys know how it goes :)


Henar | 1 September 2011 at 07:44

This is so nice, like it a lot!


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