Easy Breezy Wednesday

I love Wednesdays. I always have an early finish from work and its really nice to leave when the sun is still out. Today I'm wearing a new loose jumper from Dotti, its such a great fit on me that I almost bought it in cream as well. But since I'm in super saving mode at the moment, I resisted. The skirt is the one Pham's mum gave me which I chopped to make it a mini... and I just adore it! The print and the colour are just so fun. The necklace is the $2 one I bought from Reverse Garbage. The metal rings were a bit dogdy and kept falling apart so I had to re-tighten them all, but now its fantastic. I think its so interesting and unique. I'm inspired to go to Reverse Garbage soon and pick out some metal bits and bobs to make some jewelry similar to this necklace.

'So models just move around randomly?...'

Naaaawww... pretty Louie
My friends are encouraging me to join them in their very casual excercise sessions at Kangaroo Point. Their selling points are... 
1. That its with friends so no one will judge you. 
2. Its outdoors so its relaxing and not boring. 
3. Its free!
The plan is that if I like it, I can quit paying for gym which I haven't been to since February. I absolutely loathe excercise so I'm very skeptical about this... but everything's worth trying once, right?

Before I go and work off some winter weight I must show you guys my afternoon tea. My brother brought it back from Taiwan. It's one of my favourite cakes and it is so different from western style cakes. Its much finer in texture and really moist, almost like a cross between spongecake and cheesecake. Its a lot less sweet than western style ones and it looks like a loaf of bread. I wonder if you can buy it in Brisbane? Or better yet, where could I find a recipe for it? 

For those readers who are interested in the Singer restoration, I haven't forgotten about it or given up. I've been sanding it down whenever I have had spare time, but it's just taking a freaking long time! Once I've finished with the sanding, I'll post about it :)

Alrighty, have a great night guys!


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