Chop Chop Part 2

I am about half way through altering all the vintage clothes my mum gave me a few weeks ago. I finished another two skirts last night and it feels pretty good! New clothes for free! The only problem is that my mum's colour palette is pretty much all greys and browns, colours that I hardly go near. Now I have to do some research into which colours and styles can make greys and browns more modern...

This was one of the skirts that really caught my eye when mum was showing me her old stash of clothes. I was really drawn to the school girl knife pleats and the flattering volume and movement they give. The only changes I needed to make were taking up the hem by 5 cms, but it makes such a big difference to my body proportions. I can easily see myself wearing this with a white button up shirt and a cute headscarf to play up the schoolgirl theme. Or a bright oversized knit, grungey boots and a loud lipstick to give it a modern edge.

I'm very undecided about this skirt. When I first saw it I thought it was pretty daggy, but may have some potential. Its made of a wooly weaved fabric so its definately aimed for winterwear, but I am completely lost with what to wear it with. I had to take in the waist through the side seams and I also changed the shape from an A-line to a pencil skirt. I always think of A-line mini skirts as super 90s and I thought a pencil shape would be easier to wear. After the changes I do like it a little bit more, but I still don't know how I could wear it to suit my style... hmmm...

Have you guys got any tips on how to wear greys and browns? How would you guys style these two skirts?


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