All Tied Up

I am addicted to Ebay again... sigh. This time around though, I'm much more money savvy. I browse through pages and pages of goods, watch items that interest me then I compare all of the items against one another and eliminate the ones that just don't jump out at me. I keep telling myself that I'm saving money this way, but I most likely am not. The reason for this recent addiction is from looking at street style photos of effortlessly chic women using scarves in an assortment of ways. Tieing it into a turban, wrapping it around their necks, securing it on their beautifully crafted handbags... something about these small squares of patterned fabric suddenly make the wearer a million times cooler and more stylish. 

Karla's Closet - The reason behind the addiction

I just had to get in on the action and hunted down my own vintage silk scarves.

The yellow and green one looked yellow and black in the pictures. I don't know if I will be wearing it that often,  maybe when its Australia Day or something like that haha. They all feel so soft to touch and I feel a little more stylish already. 

What items do you guys like to collect?


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