Thanks Mum!

On Sunday afternoon Pham's mum was clearing out her wardrobe which consisted of nearly 40 years of clothing. I was invited over to have a look at her little collection while Pham was laughing at his mother's hoarding behaviour. It made me think, why have I never raided my Mum's wardrobe before? There was a whole treasure chest of free clothes I've never claimed! Back in my teenage years Mum used to always offer me her and my sisters vintage clothes, but I always thought of them as daggy hand me downs. Instead I liked to rush out to nearest Supre and buy the tightest shortest skirts possible... oh I am so mature now. 

So on Monday night, after our weekly family dinner, I made Mum clear out her wardrobe for me. Now to clear things up, my mother is quite the hoarder herself, so it wasn't like I was forcing her to part with her beloved clothes. Surprised and delighted she pulled out a stack of old clothing from the back of her walk-in. I ended up with a blazer, a top, a pair of shorts, 7 skirts, 2 pieces of very interesting fabric and a poncho - which was actually mine from when I was 10! As you can see my Mum's colour palette is pretty neutral, which works well for me as I like mixing classic pieces in muted tones with on trend pieces in bright splashes of colour.

hmmm... What am I going to make with this?

So happy about this!

I was a pretty chic 10 year old I think...

Luckily for me, my mum and my sister were pretty close to my size when they were younger. I only need to take in a few items, but most of the skirts are at a very modest knee length which makes me look frumpy so I will definately be cutting them shorter. 

This has gotten me thinking, the way that fashion reinvents itself is a beautiful thing. If looked after properly, good quality clothes can last a long, long time. With just a little tweaking it can be made to suit the silhouettes 20 years later. Tear it apart and mix it with other fabrics and it can be a totally new creation. Being fashionable never has to be expensive.

Mum said she wasn't going to give me everything at once because I get bored with my clothes so easily. She'd rather I come back and shop for free in her wardrobe than go out and spend money in the stores. Thanks mum!


WanderLust | 3 July 2011 at 05:34

Great blog- following you :)

KC | 8 July 2011 at 21:39

that cape is really chic... surely you were one of the chicest children.

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