I've been totally in love with all the lemon coloured clothing that's been around lately. There's something about the zingy, bright hue that brings freshness and youthfulness to an outfit. It has been unbelievably cold in Brisbane over the last two weeks, so it's all about dressing for comfort for me right now. It's hard to put together an interesting yet stylish outfit in the morning when your scrambling around trying to find something to cover up your limbs before they go numb. As soon as I'm a little bit more inspired in the mornings, I will be mixing some sweet candy lemon pieces with my dark winter uniform to spice things up a little.

Photo from A Pair and A Spare

Photo from Atlantic-Pacific
Oh, imagine all the things I could do with that wooly maxi skirt! The air is icy outside right now, brrr... Luckily for me, my buddy's just taken my baked potato out of the fireplace and slathered it with butter. Apparently our body needs heaps more food during winter to keep it warm and that is totally fine with me :)

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