Finally... The Bodice and Sleeve Block

This morning I finally got off my lazy butt and finished the bodice block that I've been talking about for some time. It required quite a bit of effort and very precise measuring. I followed the instructions in Pattern Drafting by Margaret Melliar. It was reasonably easy to understand and when I finally made it up in some leftover cotton, the fit was surprisingly accurate. The dorky little top hugged my body quite tightly, but gave me enough room to breathe and move around.

Hahaha, aren't these pretty fabrics... not!
The only part I had to readjust was the armhole. As I was drafting the pattern I already had a sneaking suspicion that the armhole wasn't going to work. Indeed, when I tried it on it fit too snuggly around my arm and there just wasn't enough ease for me to be able to move around. So I extended the armhole down about 2 cm on the bodice pattern and then I drafted the sleeve. I want to emphasise on how important it is to try on the bodice before drafting the sleeve. Because we all most likely need someone else to help with the measurements where we can't reach, you never know if it is measured 100% correctly. Also, the instructions may not give you enough ease for the armhole to fit you comfortably. Taking these precautions and working on it carefully will ensure you get a perfect pattern.

Sleeve block
Back Bodice Block

I'm pretty happy with how this has turned out. I can definately see how I can use this block pattern to create lots of different styles. I'm especially excited about all my sleeve options! As I flick through magazines, I know this is going to help give me endless design possibilities. Next up will be the skirt block :) Stay tuned! 

P.S If anyone is interested in the instructions I have followed to create this, just leave a comment below with your email address.


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