Long Weekend Shenanigans

Happy long weekend everyone! Its been really great to work a short week and have a couple of days off again. It certainly is going to make it hard for me to go back to my normal routine on Wednesday again. Last night my dear ex-co worker Teagan and I headed down to the Gold Coast to see Naughty by Nature. It definately was an interesting night filled with embarrassing moments. After much drinking, dancing, drunk-texting and a fall that now feels like I've broken my tailbone, we crawled into our make-do bed by 4 am - hot mess! The party season just hasn't ended this year.

My partner in crime

I've been searching for some inspiration lately. I really want to challenge myself with my next sewing project. I think I've gotten comfortable lately and I keep sewing the same sort of shapes and silhouettes over and over again. It's time to step up the game!

I'm in love with these two outfits. To recreate these I'm thinking of painting some fabric and designing the textile myself. I want to play with sewing jersey/stretch fabric in a structured form which I know, is not going to be an easy task. But I think I'm ready...

Just to keep you guys updated, I've fixed the comment box so now everyone can leave a comment - please do, it makes me feel nice knowing that I actually have readers out there :) Also, I've scrapped the Google followers and replaced it with the Facebook Like Box. Please 'Like' if you like what you see and my latest posts will show up on your news feed.

Good night yall, I'm going to keep resting my dreadful hangover now.


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