Black and White Keys

Last night I went back to my parents place so my friend could fix my niece's computer. I have absolutely no clue with technology and couldn't provide any input in the matter so I decided to play some piano to kill time. I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old. I am not particularly great with pitch, tone or rhythm, but my parents figured it would be a good skill to have. I also think the fact that my other three cousins were like musical prodigies may have influenced their decision just a bit. I eventually got up to my Grade 8 exam when I was 13, but about three months before the final exam I finally convinced my parents I'd had enough. I think the last 2 years before I quit had been a waste, I had totally lost interest in playing because I was pushed to practise so much that it had taken all the joy out of it. My Grade 7 results were absolutely awful and I think if I had gone for the final exam it would've been a total joke. Since then I can count the amount of times I've played the piano with one hand. Surprisingly, last night when I played some old pieces that I'd learnt, I wasn't too rusty. I think I'll always have good dextirity thanks to year of practise. 

Feeling a bit cheesy knowing someone's taking my photo...

I would really love to pick it back up again and finish my final exam. It's not like I will ever become a concert pianist or teach music, but I think it will give me a sense of accomplishment. The piano will always be something that's quite close to my heart and gives me a feeling of nostalgia. Playing it again makes me calm and at ease. It is an extraordinary instrument; both look at and listen to. When played well,  the sound that it gives can be so diverse. 

I hope one day when I have my own home I will own a piano so I can play it whenever I please. But for the moment being, I'm going to try and make time to play it when I go back to my parents house. I will start off easy, perfecting Yann Tiersen's Comptine d'Un Autre Été: L'après Midi and Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. They're both my favourites. Its amazing how Yann Tiersen's piece sounds like raindrops falling.

Isn't it beautiful? Hopefully one day I will own one.
 Do you guys play any instruments or wish to learn anything in the future?


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