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Blank Canvas

As you may have noticed, moving into my new home has taken up a big chunk of my last few weeks. I knew that it was too good to be true when I thought everything went perfectly well. It turns out I threw away a plastic bag which contained a dress that I'd been working on. I'm sooo angry at myself! Ellie had given me this awesome dress she'd made and I was taking it apart so I could make it fit me... and and... and now its gone :(

On a happier note, I have a lovely fresh space to decorate. Since I can't paint the walls or do anything permanent I'm going to decorate the white walls with some pretty pictures and replace the dusty cream curtains with some fun prints. One of my great ideas is to make an inspiration board which I can update seasonally as I sew away. I've also got a great white space above my bed where I can hang photos of my loved ones.

Getting all my wardrobe to fit into my significantly smaller bedroom was quite the ordeal. Being the control freak that I am, I actually lost a couple of nights sleep just thinking about how I was going to tackle the situation... how embarrassing. Luckily I picked up a cheap second hand Ikea wardrobe from trusty Gumtree.com. I'm so pleased with how the entire dressing area turned out. 

The corkboard earring hanger was a great for organsation, but also adds a feminine sparkly touch to the room. I used to use an old red frame and some cardboard, but this is sooo much better - I really like the cork texture. I'll have to hunt down some nice fabric to replace those curtains.

So now I have my room all planned out, I need to work on the living room. This is going to be more challenging as the furniture is all mismatched. My landlords have covered the couches with fabric sheets so the place is feeling a bit like grandma's at the moment. Do you guys have any DIY tips to jazz up a room? I'd love to read any suggestions! If you have any ideas please leave them in the comment box.

P.S. As you know I'm trying to use up my old bits and pieces so I made a quick little scarf last night. Knitting can get addictive!

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No Power

I don't know why I look so miserable when I'm really rather relaxed...?

On my first day off in a couple of weeks, I had planned to spend the day sewing, drafting and blogging. Instead, I woke up to having no electricity. So my plan B was to indulge myself and I had a relaxing lunch in my new vibrant neighbourhood and spent a few hours enjoying some retail therapy. For some odd reason, which is totally unlike me, my new favourite colour of the season is a muted pale pink. I'm now feeling a little guilty about all the spending, but I keep telling myself that I'm just replacing all the items that got stolen off my washing line not too long ago... whatever makes me feel better hey? Anyway, the power is back on now so be prepared for a real posts shortly!

P.S I love West End! :)

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Nearly Home

Long time no blogging y'all! Sorry that I haven't been keeping you guys up to date with all things fabulous and beautiful. To be honest, not many fabulous things have happened over the last week. Like I mentioned in my last post, I've been busy moving and settling into my new place and it has all gone pretty smoothly. So by this weekend I hope to get my hands busy into creating some amazing fashionable attire. Although I haven't been able to blog, I've been able to do a little research and get some pretty sweet inspiration. I'll leave you guys with a little taste of some fun projects for the future!

Last three pics are from Barbaro Andersen, Love Maegan, Peony Lim, Style Caster 

Don't worry guys, I'll be back with a vengeance!

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Hardware Your Bling!

I've never really been into jewelry making, it's always seem to fidgety for me. When I saw this post on Honestly...WTF, I just had to give it a go. The materials are so accessible and cheap! It cost me about $20 altogether and I got a bracelet and a necklace out of it, WOO! I made the bracelet pretty much just like the instructions told me to. The only main difference is that I braided the twine and used 3 twine braids to make the bracelets so that it would be sturdier and more proportionate to the size of the nuts. It was so easy to make, afterwards I craved for something a little more challenging. I liked how the original designer necklace had hex nuts going from tiny to huge and I wanted to use something stronger and less odour-attracting  than twine. Luckily Pham owns a hi-fi business and had plenty of cable wires to share.

Wouldn't think you'd be making jewelry with this stuff

For the necklace I didn't want to just tie it up to secure it. I got a few crimps from a mechanic friend. I thought it was so funny how the crimps that join together are called females and males, hehe! Pham did the masculine side of things, he soldered them onto the necklace instead of actually crimping it, because I realised the crimp was really ugly.

Pretty cool huh? Pham said its technofashion... *shrugs* I just like that its a little different, but still pretty chic.

I also bought a bunch of jewelry making things as I wanted something to secure the ends of the twine and I got a little carried away on Ebay. Atleast I intend on using it all on all the DIY projects I am now inspired to do after seeing so many on other blogs. 


The lipstick is new, Candy Yum Yum by MAC. Absolutely LOVING it! Judging by the huge dark circles in the photos, it's time to get ready for my beauty sleep. Good night lovelies!

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Mini Hiatus

I'm going to apologise in advance for the lack of posts in the next week or two. I'm in the middle of moving houses so I'm going to be a little M.I.A. About a week ago, I woke up in the morning and went downstairs on my way to work and noticed that someone had stolen all of our clothes off the line. This has got to be the most annoying thing that has happened since my laptop was stolen about a year and a half ago. So now, one week later, I'm really starting to miss the pieces that I've lost... *tear* It just had to be a load of my nice clothes that aren't replaceable! On the plus side, after all the moving, I will be able to go shopping!

In the last couple of days I have been addicted to reading DIY blogs. You can use the most ordinary items to create exceptional pieces. Two of my favourites are I Spy DIY and A Pair and A Spare. I haven't been so eager to get have a DIY/sewing weekend in a long time! I can't wait to settle into my new place and get my creative space together. 

Here are a bunch of things that I'd like to try and replicate.

So I've ordered about $40 worth of crimps, beads, chains and jump rings. I'll let you guys know how it all goes ;)

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Hump Day Pretties

Happy hump day girls and boys! I thought I'd do the right thing and post a little something about Rosemount Australian Fashion Week since I intend for this to be fashion-y blog and its the biggest fashion event in Australia all year. Here are all the pieces and outfits that interested me. To be honest, a lot of the collections were underwhelming for me. Apparently minimalism is the key and everyone's forgotten about prints! After looking at a hundred different crisp white outfits, everything just blurs together and you can't seem to see one noteworthy piece. Oh well, there are definately still some pretties in there.

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