Winter Addition?

Whilst mindlessly browsing through my favourite blogs as a way to unwind after a 11 hour day at work, I came across this intriguing dress/poncho/tunic/shirt. My wandering eyes came to a halt. I want it, I need it, I can imagine myself as that creepy girl getting lost in the middle of the night in it. Maybe its the way it swallows up the body or the swing it would give when you twirled around? Maybe its how the white lines change at different angles or just the fact that I want to snuggle up inside it and watch tv? Either way, I'm mesmerised. I'm beginning to think I might break my rule of not buying any new fabric just for this. Besides, I need a warm poncho for the cold days to come... 

I'm currently working on a post which I hope to publish this weekend. It will take you through the makings of a simple dress I've been working on, as a part of my downsizing plan.

I also have a question for any South East Queensland readers out there. Has anyone been to Sirromet Winery? There are not many wineries in Queensland and this one is at the Gold Coast so I am tres interested. I looked through the menu and I would LOVE to go there. I've lost my wonderful food buddy Jacky to Melbourne, so I will have to start an interview process for a new food buddy soon. Anyway, if you have been to Sirromet or would like to be my new food buddy please leave a comment. Also, please let me know what interests you lovely readers and which topics you'd like to see more of.



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