Second Thoughts

So about two years ago, I made a trip to Spotlight and found a fun cheery chiffon. At the time I thought it would look perfect if I turned it into a gathered waist maxi skirt, but when I laid down the rules for my wardrobe a couple of weeks back, it didn't survive the elimination round. The hoarder inside me just couldn't let go, so I decided to give it another chance and I have been fashioning it into a little summery mini dress. Although Brisbane is very slowly leaving summer behind, I might be able to still wear it with some tights? A splash of colour would be refreshing against dark winter hues and besides, we never get a 'proper' winter here anyway
The chiffon and lining. I forgot to take a 'before' picture of the skirt.

Most of my pattern drafting is trial and error. I do have some knowledge to 'professional' pattern making from the TAFE course I did a couple of years back, but not enough for me to be 100% confident that each pattern will make a well fitted piece without having to make any alterations after. This pattern was quite easy though because I wanted it to be loose fitting. I also find that because I'm rather flat chested, its easier for me to mould fabrics to my body - This is the only time I'll be happy about this. Because I'm too lazy to make a muslin for this, I just started cutting and sewing the lining first to make sure the fit was right.

Luckily it looked pretty good first go

This cool thing I got from Tetsuti on my trip to Melbourne in January. Its to turn my straps inside out! Now I can get rid of the make-do coathanger I've been using.

After over-locking all the other pieces (God, I wouldn't know what I'd do without my dear Overlocky), sewing them all together, painfully trying to adjust the right length of the straps on my own, it finally formed a slinky little dress. I'm not over the moon about the fit - I thought the pleats were going to be more visible, the slippery fabric caused me to stitch one side of the neckline funny and now you can see a bit of the lining AND I was hoping for a deep V in the back.... *breathe* But what can I expect when I didn't test out the pattern to begin with, atleast I now know exactly what I will do next time. This is one of the reasons why I love self taught skills. I guess I'm also pretty pleased that I'll have this little number to slip on when those lazy summer days come around again.


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