Oreo Cookie Cookies

Cooking has always been something that was been quite therapeutic for me. I go through phases where I will cook and cook every day for a few weeks, trying out new recipes, new ingredients and then all of a sudden I'll stop. This time the break I've taken from cooking has been about 6 months! I blame my horrible, old, greasy kitchen. It just puts me off cooking completely because it is more frustrating than fun. When I stumbled across this Sugar Cooking's blog post about Oreo Cookie Cookies, I just knew this was something I had to have in my mouth! I'm not usually a big fan of sweets or deserts, but when there's chocolate in it (except for white chocolate, ugh!) you can trust me to shovel down every last bite and crumb. So lucky for me, during this long weekend I've been staying at my friends house which has a comfortable, will equipped kitchen.

Mixing the butter into the sugar - I tried to ignore the amount of sugar and fat that was in this.

Because my friend and I both didn't own an electric mixer, I did all the beating by hand. Working off some calories before I indulged in about 2000 more.

I split the flour mix into 2 lots since I was mixing it by hand, that way I was sure I wouldn't have any lumps, and it was a bit easier on my weak wrist muscles.

This bit was fun! Crushing the Oreos into a chocolatey rubble!

And for an even larger heart attack - Chocolate chips! The recipe said to use two cups, but I only used one. I felt like the dough to filling ratio was a bit off and plus there's enough sugar and fat in those cookies already.

I could've just eaten this with icecream haha

I cooked them in the oven for about 15 minutes. I was eagerly awaiting them to come out, while I was sipping on my new favourite drink - Chai Tea with honey and soy milk.

When they come out they're super soft, so it can be a little misleading. I they look a little toasted and a little cracked, then you're pretty safe to take them out.

And there it is! A heart attack with a side of diabetes all in one hit, but SOOO worth it! Its a pretty easy recipe to make and will surely be a favourite amongst family and friends.


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