Like many other avid sewers, I am a huge hoarder when it comes to fabrics, patterns and old clothes. I always tell myself that there may be potential in that tiny scrap of fabric one day, and bury it away deep inside a huge container filled with various kinds of textiles. I do a similar sort of thing with scrapbooking pictures of clothes I'd like to make eventually. Over the years these scrapbooks now take over half a bookshelf. When I finally got fed up with my ever awful living situation a couple of weeks back, I realised that I will never be able to find another room as big as my current one without paying an exorbitant amount. Thats when I told myself, 'It's time to downsize.' So over the last few weeks I have been looking through my wardrobe and huge fabric container with a very critical eye, asking myself, 'Would I honestly ever wear/use this again?'. If they didn't make the cut, then I'd strip them of all their valuable goods. (Goods meaning, zippers, cute buttons or shiny embellishments.) I have also given myself a very challenging task - I will use only the fabric in the huge container to create things and I will resist the urge to keep topping it up. Being a poor apprentice, this is really a win-win situation; I will be saving money on buying new clothes, reducing the amount of stuff that I own and improving my skills on my favourite hobby. A win-win-win!

 THE huge container. Wish I had a slightly more majestic treasure chest to store my little collection.

There is about a tonne more where these came from. So many pictures are really dated and not all that cool anymore yet I can't bare to part with them.

Little treasures.

Most of these were bought for 50 or 20c at op shops. I just love collecting these, the way some of them are drafted are so interesting.


pham | 26 April 2011 at 15:31

mmmm I love buttons, they smell and taste so nice.

j_gill87 | 26 April 2011 at 16:04

i remember when we bought those patterns, came home with a bag full

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