Back to 7am

Just going to do a fairly quick post this morning. Yesterday I went back to work again after my mini 3 day break. I had thoroughly enjoyed naturally waking up at 11 am and eating an extended meal of breakfast, lunch and a little snack. Waking up at 7 again yesterday morning was extremely difficult. The chilly weather didn't help either. Since I'm wanting this to be a slightly more fashion oriented blog, I'm sharing the outfit I wore yesterday. I desperately need some warmer clothes for the winter. The best I could do was pull on cardigan and a long maxi skirt. Hello pneumonia!

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto!

The earrings I'm wearing here are one of my favourites because they match everything. Since I've had short hair I've been an earrings sort of gal. These pretty tassled ones are made by my friend Anna and her pal. Have a look at their Facebook page and Etsy Store. Their designs are super unique and exciting. I'm always begging Anna to design faster! Haha

I made the top and the skirt myself. I really surprised myself when I finished the top, it started off as an hideous acetate wedding dress. The skirt is now one of my favourites - Thanks to my overlocker, you make everything a tad more pro and washable.

Lastly, I apologise for the poor quality pictures. Gloomy weather means having to take pictures indoors, plus my trusty Cybershot is really only great when taken on drunken adventures. I've been hunting down a DSLR. It will be very thrilling when I finally get my hands on one and I will also be able to cross something off my New Years resolutions list.


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